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Empowering entrepreneurs in India and the UAE to establish their real estate brokerages under the esteemed Century 21 brand, fostering global connections and elevating industry standards in both markets. (Download Booklet)

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Your Business, Our Strategy!

Why work by yourself if you can maximize the resources and support of a leading real estate brokerage franchise? Our team opens our doors for your real estate business to grow. You can be part of the brand enriched by over 50 years of experience. Welcome to CENTURY 21, where we build meaningful connections with agents and communities.

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Speed Up Your Success!

Did you know that India belongs to the top ten price-appreciating markets for housing globally? Now is the best time to seize that opportunity. You can carve your path in real estate with us by your side. It’s a life-changing decision that catapults you to success. Are you ready?

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The Benefits Of Our Real Estate Franchise Opportunity 

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High Potential Returns!

Join 14,250 independent business owners across the globe who carry the CENTURY 21 brand and reap remarkable financial benefits from it..

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Global Presence

Worldwide Footprint!

We have a significant international office footprint across 86 countries. Our real estate franchise in India enjoys great visibility thanks to our global reach.

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Dedicated Business Support,

Our team can teach you how to perform every task, including front office, back office, and in-between strategies that help you win customers

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Support For Agents
Look To The Future

Strong Future Outlook!

India’s real estate industry is forecast to reach a US$1 trillion market by 2030. It’s a lucrative business with no signs of slowing down!.

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We Got Your Back.

CENTURY 21 believes in maximizing the potential of your real estate business. Don’t keep your vision and goals locked up in a cycle of mediocrity. You can uplift your career and lifestyle alongside our world-renowned brand.
Having our team by your side ensures that you can start strong and grow steadily. We offer world-class support with industry-leading processes and systems. We can help you with everything including marketing, comprehensive training, purchasing power, and team building


Streamlined Systems

Over the years, our team developed strategies and processes with outstanding efficiency for our franchises. We did the research, so you don’t have to sweat learning the tricks of the trade.

From productivity optimization to on-boarding to cutting commission checks, our agency provides you with a system that works seamlessly for your business.

Branding & Marketing

Real estate is a booming industry. That said, competition is cutthroat, making it a must to stand out in the race. Our dynamic brand can give you the winning edge you need to conquer the market.
You are privy to our personalized assets and resources that boost brand awareness. We developed surefire marketing strategies that get you noticed by real estate customers in no time.

Pro Photo Shoot

They say an image is worth a thousand words and we know you know how important it is to have the best photography.

Premium Quality

We are committed to delivering high quality services that enhance your brand by allowing visitors to interact virtually.

Talent Acquisition

You can’t start your journey to success without finding the right people to man your business. CENTURY 21 is adept at attracting the best talents to join your team. We can teach you effective strategies that outstanding agents simply cannot overlook.

Our experts can also guide you in implementing best practices that attract the right professionals. We made talent acquisition a breeze for you!

Training & Education

Building a team for your real estate franchise in India can be intimidating, but we are here to help you conquer the initial hurdle. Our experts offer comprehensive training and education to affiliated agents who can represent your agency moving forward.

We also prepared various learning resources tailored for your market. Our guides include educational content, company culture training, and technology coaching that empower your agents to do more.

Expert Consultation

Our team is ready to provide our expertise and guidance whenever you need it. We aim to help you expand and strengthen your business by exploring various prospects for growth. Our advisors can give you a hand in operational matters like financial reviews and reporting.

We can also assist you in discovering new markets and strategies. Our experts provide strategic consultation such as expansion opportunities for your business

Work-Life Balance

Our franchise model allows you to work on your own terms and time. We offer outstanding flexibility that lets you spend quality time with people who matter to you. Becoming a CENTURY 21 owner lets you be in control of how you want to operate your company.

You can look forward to great work and life balance with us by your side. We help you reach your business potential while also enriching your goals in life.

Franchisee Satisfaction

CENTURY 21 is a recipient of multiple accolades that show our capacity in providing exceptional services to customers. We owe it to the hardworking sales associates who, with our training and education, display a high level of professionalism and dedication.

Once you become our franchisee, you can always expect the best of the best from us. After all, we are passionate about seeing our clients’ victories in real estate.

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